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Hair Craze - Temporary Hair Colour Application Tong

RM 21.00

Hair Craze is the creation of instant hair highlights for a fashionable style. It can be applied and washed off easily. Made from non toxic ingredients, it will not damage your hair texture. Hair Craze Colour is able to give you crazy and vibrant colours for a party night out and can be washed off easily the very next day.


How to use:

Step 1 - Style your hair for the look you want. Place a towel around your neck to keep the chalk from falling on your clothes.

Step 2 - Dampen the part of your hair that you want to colour highlight. Then apply hair colour tong onto the damped section of your intended hair.

Step 3 - Lightly shake off any remaining chalk for a smooth, slick and natural highlight finish.

Step 4 - To seal in the colour for a longer-lasting highlight, apply hair spray and or a strightening or curling iron onto the highlighted section.


  • Easy to use and easy to wash off.
  • Perfect for individuals who dont want to commit to permanent wild colours.
  • Suitable for children (with adult supervision)

Note: we are also selling the refills for all tongs too, check out the available colours we have!